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  • Alumil Solar - Mounting Systems

    Alumil Solar has more than 15 years experience in PV mounting systems with substantial success of large scale projects with installed capacity over 1GW worldwide.

    It provides aluminum PV mounting systems for free field – ground mount, rooftop, residential and industrial sheds with 20 years warranty.

    Alumil Solar is represented in the Middle East by Alumil Middle East which has significant experience in large scale projects throughout the region.

    Stand Number: Z1.B19

  • BENQ - High Efficiency Solar Panels

    BENQ SUNFORTE – Mono Crystalline Photovoltaic Module with 20+% Efficiency & Power range 320 - 335, Highly strengthen design, Resistance to salt corrosion and humidity, Back contact cells, IP-67 Rated , validated for Transformer less Inverters , highly PID Resistance with superior performance at higher temperatures with 25 years Performance Guarantee.

    Module complies with advanced Loading Test to meet 5400 Pa Loading requirements, Tested & Proved.

    Stand Number: Z1.A49

  • Polaris Inverter – (Hybrid / Off Grid)

    Pure Shine Wave Inverter with Build in MPPT solar charge Controller; by directional option, with Input Voltage and charging current selectable and priority Configurable to solar battery & AC Compatible.

    Featured with auto Start, overload short circuit protection, smart battery charger for optimized battery performance and optional remote panel.

  • smartflower POP –the world's first all-in-one solar system

    As the sun rises in the morning, smartflower POP unfolds itself completely automatically. It directs its solar modular fan (with a surface area of 18 m) towards the sun and begins producing electricity for you – for your hot shower, your fresh coffee, the breakfast radio. Thanks to dual-axle sun tracking, the fan moves reliably along with the sun throughout the day.

    The result: in comparison with the static rooftop system, the unit starts earlier in order to produce the exact amount of electricity you need. It consistently maintains the electricity supply and even uses the energy from the last sun rays efficiently enough to cover your early evening electricity requirements. Only then, does it close up to its secure position, which is also completely automatic.

    Stand Number: Z1.C59

  • LG Solar Panels

    LG Solar Panel is ranked #1 PV Panel in InterSolar-Germany from last three years continuously and all component are made by LG Electronics factory in Korea itself. Efficiency is unbeatable upto 19.5 % for Module which is highest in this range and LG offered additional warranty of 10+2 years on its 100% output performance. Using CELLO technology, LG is unique in performance using 12 Busbars instead of 3-4 as from all typical panels.

    Stand Number: Z1.A40

  • LONG Battery

    A USA/Taiwanese Brand Made in Vietnam is the only Battery to get regular awards and recognitions from world's number one electrical company Schneider Electric and mainly used by #1 Online UPS company APC. With it's capacity range from 6V/1.2Ah and upto 12V/230Ah in GEL and AGM types, LONG has emerged as main substitute of Highest Quality Battery standard of European levels yet highly price competitive at same time. Performance Life of 550 Cycles on LONG Battery V/s. other battery at 330 cycles makes Long Battery No.1 Premium brand of choice.

    Stand Number: Z1.A40

  • Fronius Grid Tied Solar Inverter:

    This is a well renowned European brand in with manufacturing base in Austria. Truly Online Smart-GRID ready high efficiency Inverter. It's Modular design and easy outdoor installations makes it all weather friendly product. This string inverter features any level of scalability ranging from small villa/house with consumption of 3kwatt and upto 25Kwatt singular inverter design. Easy to track and monitor the inverter around the globe with cloud based monitoring. Anti-Islanding effect to save inverter from grid blackouts. Equipped with built-in dual MPPT, it tracks maximum power even in shady conditions.

  • ThreeSixtyPower' Smart Plus DSP Inverter

    This inverter made in India is another marvelous product in economical range yet giving tough competition to well-known brands from India. It's combined with DSP technology and LCD screen for Super silent operations and yet super-fast change over time of 5millisecond for your delicate appliances like Personal Computers, Smart TV, Routers and Printers.

    Stand Number: Z1.A40

  • FULL Brand Solar Pumping Inverter:

    Smart pump drive adopts high protection IP54 (dustproof and waterproof), suitable for many kinds of sensor signal such as pressure sensor, transmissible pressure gauge, pressure switch etc. It is dedicated for pump control with convenient installation, easy operation, steady running, low noise, high reliability and superior cost performance. Multi-pump switchover can be realized automatically.

    Stand Number: Z1.A40

  • Solar Water heaters

    PSI has the complete SPECTRUM Branded range of Thermosiphon & Forced Circulation solar water heaters approved by Dubai Municipality with Solar Key-mark & has been installed in various commercial projects.

    Stand Number: Z1.E50

  • Solar Mounting Systems

    PSI manufactures a complete range of Solar Mounting Systems – rooftop and ground mounted solutions with customization as per project requirements & serves with highly trained design and installation team for our solar products.

    Stand Number: Z1.E50

  • MK Batteries – Deka Solar Gel Monobloc

    The Deka Solar Gel Monobloc offers reliable, versatile, maintenance-free power. Thixotropic gel enables these batteries to be completely spillproof providing many options for installation. Gelled electrolyte gives more protection to the battery plates, and is better suited for deep cycle discharge. These batteries are ideal for many renewable energy applications

    Stand Number: Z1.D21

  • Solar Power Lantern with Phone Charger and Radio

    This solar power lantern provides up to 20 hours of continuous light from a single charge*. It can be fully charged by 8 hours of exposure to direct sunlight and can also be charged through electricity. The solar power lantern can charge most mobile phones within one hour. The FM radio is built in with a speaker and volume control button. This has a dedicated phone charge unit, is water splash proof and has a battery level checker.

    Stand Number: Z1.E70

  • BipVco - Roofs

    FLEXIBLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT - BIPVco modules are extremely lightweight & flexible which makes themsuitable for application onto steel & membrane roofs.
    INTEGRATED - BIPVco modules are encapsulated directly onto a pre-painted metal component or membrane roof to create a combined PV roof solution which can be installed in a similar way to traditional roofing components.
    EFFICIENT - BIPVco cell efficiencies are in excess of 15%
    DURABLE - BIPVco use CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) thin-film solar cells with a stainless steel substrate. They are therefore flexible and durable.
    COST EFFECTIVE - Cost effective integrated PV solutions. Initial costs can be offset against a reduction in material and installation costs.
    SELF CLEANING- BIPVCo Modules have a unique self-cleaning surface & therefore reduce maintenance costs over their lifetime.

    Stand Number: Z1.C57

  • Solar Powered Electric Rickshaw

    The Rick-e, quick changing electric rickshow, features in Microtron Technologies' newly launched e-mobility line of products: MOTEV.MT has adaped its ESD hybrid Ultra-Capacitor Battey to provide motive force for a full range of 150km with a driver and 4 passengers, in just 16-30 seconds. Our eco-system charging model allows access to silar or grid based energy and reliability for all transportation needs.

    Rick-e, benefits cities with zero tailpipe emissions, reliable transportation, and utilizes a fuel source less expensive and less volatile than petroleum or CNG. The Rick-e is operable in knee-high water preparing it for the dangers of climate disasters. The ESD system, unlike Lithium-Ion batteries, does not degrade when completely discharged, overcharged, or kept at 100% capacity. The system's industry leading roundtrip efficiency of 99.121% allows practically full energy system capacity to translateinto motive force, and reduces the cost of recharging.

  • Sharp is a leading global specialist in solar energy solutions, with over 55 years’ experience in creating safe, efficient, sustainable energy for responsible use in society. Sharp’s connected energy solutions include solar modules for the environmentally-friendly production of energy, battery solutions for time-independent use of the stored energy, the "Smart Chap" Energy Manager for monitoring and controlling energy use, and LED lighting to reduce energy consumption. For more information please visit

    Stand Number: Z1.D51

  • Kromatix Solar Glass

    The CE Certified KromatixTM Solar Glass is available in various colors and has a beautiful opaque finish, making the inner workings of the solar panels invisible and thus enhancing the overall aesthetics of the solar panels and avoiding glare effects. KromatixTM Glass can be applied on all available PV technologies.

    KromatixTM PV Modules

    These are OEM manufactured using KomatixTM solar glass to the highest industry standards and having all required certification specifications. The KromatixTM Modules are available as poly or mono-crystalline modules, framed (including colored frames), unframed and as glass/glass modules.

    Stand Number: Z1.C50

  • DS36 SERIES (36 Cells) 145wp | 150wp | 155wp | 160wp

    High-performance photovoltaic modules made of polycrystalline (156.5 mm) 2 silicon DuSol solar cells with module efficiencies of 15.2% or higher.

    • 3 busbar technology for enhancing the power output.
    • Anto-reflex coating to increase light absorption.
    • Production controlled positive power tolerance from 0 to +5%.

    Only modules will be delivered that have the specific power or more for high energy yield.

    • Delivery of modules in 3 watt intervals
    • Improved tempoerature coefficient to reduce power losses at higher temperatures.
    • High power performance even at lower irridiations.

    Stand Number: Z1.A50

  • INGECON SUN PowerStation products

    The INGECON SUN PowerStation products are fully equipped with everything necessary: high- efficiency PV inverters (1,000V / 1,500V), LV parallel panels, MV panel, auxiliary services and LV/MV transformer. There are different solutions to suit the needs of each and every project

    Stand Number: Z1.D30

  • The Petra Smart City Solution

    The Petra Smart City Solution is built with:

    • Smart light controller comprised of smart transceivers that control individual streetlight ballasts
    • Wireless networking capabilities with multiple bandwidth options
    • Streetlight network gateways
    • Surveillance and sensor networks for security and traffic monitoring
    • A grid-connected solar power generator that leverages the industry’s most mature and proven Microinverter technology
    • Battery backup to manage operations during grid interruption

    Stand Number: Z1.E60

  • HyLander – hybrid power solution

    Uflex Energy Division started 20 years ago, inside the Ultraflex Group, creating systems for self sustainable energy solutions. Uflex was one of the first company introducing renewable energy solutions in Italy for daily and industrial applications.

    The HyLander line represents the most complete hybrid power solution, fully preassembled.

    Stand Number: Z1.C19

  • Exeron- Off-Grid

    EXERON - the beginning of the off-grid revolution – is IPS’s top innovative product which features modular design, easy-to-maintain hot plug technology, advanced battery management and increased availability thanks to excellent system redundancy. With footprint in 56 countries EXERON is the perfect solution in Energetics, Military, Telecom, Mini-grid, Oil & gas.

    Stand Number: Z1.C20

  • Solar LED Wall light

    High brightness LED flood light
    Auto light-on from dusk to dawn
    2 days power back up
    All-in-one - no wiring works
    Simple installation
    Can be mounted on pole
    Maintenance free battery

    Gardens & school compound
    Remote homes & villages
    Car parks & worksites Eco-resorts & farms Disaster relief support

    Stand Number: Z1.D79

  • IC-Solar battery -- Outdo Unique Patent: 

    • LCD Screen: shows voltage, capacity and using days
    • Sound alarm system
    • Special cover & built-in filling packs, for double the working life
    • Builtin controller, can directly connected solar panelDC output (TV, fan, LED light etc.), and with USB port.

    Stand Number: Z1.C27

  • BRIGHTA 30W: Features

    Solar Power
    Solar Panel: 100W mono-crystaline
    Number of panels: 1
    Dimensions: 1486mm x 682mm
    Light Type: 30W CREE LED
    Voltage Input: 12V
    Lumen: 2880 lumens
    Color Temperature: 4300-6200 K
    Material: High pressure alluminium

    Stand Number: Z1.B01

  • Mounting systems or similar roof constructions that are incorrectly installed can cause unwanted damage to the fragile roof covering. This can cause problems with moisture inside the roof cavity or the building itself. To avoid this situation, our frames are mounted on a highly resistant protective covering. The triangular constructions can be pre-assembled on the ground and simply placed on the covering at optimal spacing.

    The beams are connected with special brackets. The longitudinal beams and the wind bracings on the back of the frame provide the required stability. Finally, the modules are mounted directly on the longitudinal beams with the approved clamps. The mounting points on the beam are either pre-drilled or can be freely selected. The choice of mounting always depends on the existing roof structure: Mounting on membrane roofs is done with additional ballast. Tin roofs require the appropriate clamps.

    Stand Number: Z1.C10


    • Available in SOLAR-Tubular Range.
    • PPCP Container
    • Tubular Positive Plates
    • Pasted Negative Plates
    • High Tensile Acid resistant Polyester Gauntlets
    • High Porosity Envelope Separators
    • Microporous Ceramic Vent Plug
    • Heavy Duty Terminal
    • Low Resistant Fasteners
    • Approved by MNRE

    Stand Number: Z1.D29

  • Flooded Signature Line
    Trojan’s Signature Line of deep-cycle flooded batteries is engineered to provide rugged durability and outstanding performance, Trojan’s Signature Line is perfectly suited for use in renewable energy systems where lowest life-cycle cost is the key consideration providing for maximum sustained performance, longer life and increased total energy. 

    Flooded with Smart Carbon™
    Trojan’s proprietary Smart Carbon™ formula addresses the impact of Partial State of Charge (PSOC) on batteries in renewable energy, inverter backup and telecom applications. As a standard feature in Trojan’s Industrial and Premium flooded battery lines, Smart Carbon™ provides batteries improved performance, enhanced charge acceptance and faster recharge when operating in PSOC.   

    Stand Number: Z1.A15

  • The SPIRIT is the most sustainable lighting solution of its kind.

    The lighting is based completely on solar power, which means that electricity form the grid is no longer required.

    In fact, in the absence of the grid the SPIRIT is a very cost effective choice for a permanent lighting solution.

    Stand Number: Z1.C28

  • Fortuners Solar Water Pump Controller comes with Inbuilt VFD drive and MPPT algorithm, Pure Sine wave device specially designed for AC Pumps resulting long pump life, having Auto torque control for water input even in low light conditions.

    Range consist of 0.5 HP to 5HP with parameters like Dry run protection, Short Circuit / Over load , panel reverse and Lighting protection.

    Stand Number: Z1.E59

  • ‘FIT & FORGET’ Solar Smart Light in FRP Body encases PV Panel, LED lamp, Lithium Battery & Controller Driver in one unit. It is an ideal replacement which overcomes all the drawbacks of a conventional solar street light.

    Stand Number: Z1.D75

  • Solar energy is one of TUV Rheinland’s key business fields. Since its debut in 1976, our solar department has developed to be the world’s leading certifier of photovoltaic modules and components as well as consultant for photovoltaic power projects.

    Our core expertise is the quality assurance and risk management of PV power plants. We act as third party for investors, developers, EPCs and operators to optimize capital investment and minimise technical risks. The range of our services includes site assessments, supplier auditing, contract review, construction supervision, system performance check, commissioning, monitoring solutions and yield reviews. With our six solar test centres in Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East we can furthermore provide project oriented sample testing to assess the quality of the delivered goods for your projects

    Stand Number: Z1.D65

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